Banneker Franklin Foundation

Benjamin Banneker

The Banneker Franklin Foundation is a 501-C3 organization dedicated to educating students about the great accomplishments of Benjamin Banneker and Benjamin Franklin. The foundation’s primary mission is to help reverse the growing trend of students dropping out and not graduating from High School. Derrick Holmes, Founder & CEO, Banneker Watches and President of the Banneker Franklin Foundation is proud to be the only African-American owned watch and clock company. His vision is to bring  light to the achievements of great American inventors and inspire students to pursue science, math, technologies, business and the arts. Ultimately he hopes to witness a re-birth of the creative spirit amongst our youth.

Providing every graduating high school student with a Banneker Franklin jewelry collection (containing watch, ring and medallion) as a corporate sponsored, celebrity endorsed incentive to finish school while educating them about the accomplishments of two great americans is where it starts…but it goes much deeper than that. our mission is to reinvent the inventive spirit in the hearts and minds of these students to help them realize the genius that each one of them posses. We want them to understand the mark that they can make in this world by using what they have, their minds.